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Athletic Lockers. Our Plastic Lockers are Perfect for Athletic Lockers, Spa Lockers, Gym Lockers, Pool Lockers, Tropical Climate Areas, and more!  They last 10 times longer than wood lockers, metal lockers, or plastic laminate lockers, in humid areas!

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Plastic Lockers --  Punch #76 trim was used in this athletic club's locker room. The result was stunning.

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plastic lockers The plastic lockers color scheme chosen here was #76 Punch.   The combination of color trim, berry-colored carpeting, and beautiful plants resulted in a tropical fusion! The plastic lockers featured here are double tiers and quad tiers.  The look of this facility was Modern.  Our plastic lockers systems, with their sleek lines, fit in perfectly.

Instead of corner fillers, the owners chose to use plants to separate the plastic lockers spaces, to avoid the feeling of "being surrounded by lockers".  This worked well because the plastic lockers area was immense, and over 300 frames of plastic lockers were in this room alone.  The plants also served to soften the striking contrast between the strong, berry-colored flooring, and the white walls.  After the project was completed, the facility owners were amazed to see that the plastic lockers reflected the hue of the carpeting ... taking on a soft pink glow and adding "softness" to the décor.

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