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Athletic Lockers. Our Plastic Lockers are Perfect for Athletic Lockers, Spa Lockers, Gym Lockers, Pool Lockers, Tropical Climate Areas, and more!  They last 10 times longer than wood lockers, metal lockers, or plastic laminate lockers, in humid areas!

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Fortress Lockers Outlast Metal Lockers, Wood Lockers, and Plastic Laminate Lockers in Humid Areas

our lockers outlast metal lockers, wood lockers, plastic laminate lockers in humid areas

Rust Taking A Bite Out of Your Lockers?
Get The Solution: Fortress Locker Systems™ Plastic Lockers!


lockers Water, the element essential to life and good health, is also the most destructive force to metal lockers, wood lockers, and plastic laminate lockers.  Corrosion is the number one reason why metal lockers need replacement within  3-5 years in a high moisture environment.  Plastic laminate  and wood lockers, if placed in a humid area, will warp and require replacement in about the same length of time. Plastic laminate is not the same as plastic.  Our Fortress Systems are 100% solid polypropylene plastic.  We do not have a particle board core that will warp in humid environments.

Humidity is everywhere! It can be obvious in areas such as shower, sauna,  and swimming pool locker rooms.  However, damp towels, wet swimsuits, and sweaty clothing (salt and moisture) can also pose rust and corrosion problems for other lockers such as those made from wood  and plastic laminate.

Moisture also exists in not-so-obvious places: in tropical and rainy climate areas where temperature humidity is high (even drippy umbrellas and boots from a rainy or snowy day can have disastrous effects on systems made of metal, plastic laminate, and wood).  Wood lockers and plastic laminate lockers absorb the moisture.  This causes the surfaces of wood and plastic laminate to swell.  The result is that these type units  will warp over time. 

Humidity and  moisture can be a factor in industry-specific areas which require constant cleansing with harsh chemicals (wellness centers, hospitals, and food-processing plants).   Our polypropylene plastic surfaces are resistant to harsh chemical.  They can be cleaned effortlessly with any non-abrasive chemical cleanser.

Fortress Locker Systems™ are constructed from a space age co-polymer.  Our units will not rust, corrode, or warp.  They will last 10 times longer than metal lockers  or wood lockers in a humid environment.  Rust, corrosion and warp-proof, you will never have to worry about wet bathing suits or towels in our systems! 

  • Tropical Climate Areas, Resorts

  • Swimming Pools, Aquatic Centers

  • Athletic Facility Locker Rooms near Shower Areas

  • Spas, Sauna Area Locker Rooms

  • Wellness Centers/Hospitals

  • Food Processing Plants

  • All of the above are examples of facility locker areas that are constantly subjected to humidity and moisture


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