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Athletic Lockers. Our Plastic Lockers are Perfect for Athletic Lockers, Spa Lockers, Gym Lockers, Pool Lockers, Tropical Climate Areas, and more!  They last 10 times longer than wood lockers, metal lockers, or plastic laminate lockers, in humid areas!

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  Lockers Installation






Quick Tips
Lockers Installation

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lockers Lockers -- Installation is easy!
Our Fortress Lockers Systems™ arrive "set up" ... only minor adjustments are required.
Follow these 4 easy steps: 1)  attach to the wall, 2)  Screw on handles 3) Screw on the hasp, 
4) Adjust doors (if needed) .... and Your Done!


  • Make sure your floor is LEVEL... otherwise, locker installation time will be increased.  You will need to shim the lockers.   This method is not recommended for ideal locker installation. All locker flooring should be installed prior to locker installation.
  • If you are having locker floor drains installed in the locker area, PLEASE be aware that placement too close to the locker area will result in a "dip" in the floor: your locker installation will be affected (regardless of the type of lockers you use: wood lockers, metal lockers, or plastic lockers).
  • Make sure that you have the available equipment or manpower needed to unload the lockers from the delivery truck.  Lockers are delivered via commercial freight carrier.  Driver will not unload.  Be aware that lockers are shipped on pallets, and freight carrier truck will not have a lift gate. Your facility manager should secure use of fork lift and/or manpower from your establishment in advance of shipment date.
  • If you require a 24 hour notification of locker shipment delivery, this MUST be requested in writing along with your Purchase Order.
  • For immediate locker installation: Unload lockers off pallet and unwrap (shrink wrap and protective masking) and follow the 4 easy-steps.
    Do NOT leave lockers "free standing" ... due to the generous height (80 inches), lockers may tip over. 
    Fortress Locker Systems™ and its assigns assumes no responsibility for the misuse of the product (s). If locker are not to be installed immediately upon delivery, place them on their backs, flat.  Do not stack.  Or for easiest alternative, leave them palletized until you are ready to install.

(Hardware for hasp and handles are provided with Fortress Locker Systems™.)

  • Wall anchors and screws:  You will need to provide the appropriate wall anchors and screws for your wall construction type: dry wall, concrete block, plaster, etc,.
  • Drill (for wall).  Lockers are pre-drilled for anchor placement.
  • Screw driver (for hasp, handle attachment; and for door adjustment, if needed).
  • You will need to provide shims if facility floor is not straight.  We do not recommend this mode of installation.
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