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Athletic Lockers. Our Plastic Lockers are Perfect for Athletic Lockers, Spa Lockers, Gym Lockers, Pool Lockers, Tropical Climate Areas, and more!  They last 10 times longer than wood lockers, metal lockers, or plastic laminate lockers, in humid areas!

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Trends in Locker Room Design in Fitness/Wellness Facilities

lockers We hope that after visiting our site, you will realize the importance that facility lockers play as being an integral part of the "image" your club, resort, spa, pool, etc portrays to your clients. Oftentimes, clubs will be only one or two weeks from their Grand Opening before they realize they have forgotten about lockers! Oftentimes, the nicest "high-end" clubs will splurge on the finest fitness equipment, but will completely overlook the locker room...settling for whatever is the least expensive at the time.  Nice fitness equipment is important.  But nothing will ruin a facility's image quicker than a dingy, unkempt locker area with rusted or warped lockers.   Locker areas can either help or can damage your club's identity. The locker room is the first and last area of your club that your client will visit; therefore it will be the strongest impression they will have.

Oftentimes, a club will have to trade off "looks" or "function" when purchasing lockers. 
Now, we have the solution: Fortress Locker Systems™.  We manufacture high-end plastic lockers which will satisfy both your aesthetic and practical needs.  High-end clubs can now have attractive, cabinet-style plastic lockers which will not rust, corrode, or warp when faced with humidity and moisture.


Fortress Lockers Systems™ are Beautiful as well as Functional! 

Our plastic lockers resemble cabinetry rather than standard industrial lockers. Their white,glossy, marble-like surface will brighten even the dingiest locker room.  Our plastic lockers systems are so attractive, that they add to the decor of any facility.  We cater to high-end facilities, where aesthetics are as important as function.

 The trend in the Fitness Industry over the last few years has been in improving facility amenities geared towards making the "client" feel pampered and cared for.   For years, it was the fitness equipment that distinguished "top ranking" clubs from the rest... now, it is also the smaller detail "extras" that count with members.  

Nothing will  break a club's reputation or decrease membership's faster than a poorly equipped or maintained locker room. Many facilities with top-rated fitness equipment falter in membership numbers due to neglect of facility locker room amenities (i.e., rusted or warped lockers, dingy and dirty locker rooms). The locker room is the first and last area of your club that your members will see each time they visit your facility.  It is from this that they will undoubtedly form opinions about your facility. 

High-end facilities now are able to have the functional benefit of plastic lockers without having to sacrifice aesthetics!  Fortress Lockers Systems ™  resemble cabinetry, rather than industrial-type lockers.    Our plastic lockers enhance any decor and will make even the dingiest of locker rooms sparkle.  Our 100% polypropylene plastic lockers, with their white, glossy, marble-like finish are easy to clean, and resistant to many caustic chemicals. An added plus is that our plastic lockers arrive to your facility already "set-up" because they have an "all-setup construction".  Lockers installation is easy: attach to the wall, screw on the handles, and attach the hasp! 

Don't risk a "bad impression" by neglecting your locker area.  Paying attention to details lets your customers know that you care about them and their experience in your establishment. Many of our customers have commented that our lockers have helped to sell memberships!

Get the Solution .... Fortress Locker Systems ™. 


lockersTrends seen in Athletic Club locker rooms across the U.S.:
Once considered an "after thought" among athletic clubs in favor of high-end fitness equipment, the locker room has now been acknowledged as being an integral part of  facility planning.  Here are a few things you can do to give a lift to your club's locker area (see right):   

  • Attractive, clean  lockers are a must!
  • Keep locker areas bright and airy.   Dull, dark dingy rooms are out.
  • Monitor  locker rooms continuously throughout the day for cleanliness.
  • Invest in decorative soaps, shampoos, lotions to have with in the dressing/shower areas.  Attention to lockers and amenities speak volumes!
  • Dressing tables equipped with salon-style blow dryers
  • Towel/laundry services


  • Decorate the locker room area by using plants and/or pictures.  Remember that it is a room that you want your clients to feel relaxed in after a long work out.
  • Have music piped into the locker room.  Remember you want to create a relaxed atmosphere ... choose music genre wisely.
  • Create a lounge area within a portion of the locker room (if you have the space).  Cushy chairs and televisions are being seen more and more in higher-end clubs.

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